1. n
1) газета
2) документ
3) статья; научный доклад

to check smb's papers — проверять у кого-л. документы

to close down a paper — закрывать газету

to deposit a voting paper in the ballot-box — опускать бюллетень в урну

to leak papers — разглашать содержание секретных документов

to show one's papers — предъявлять документы

to spoil one's ballot paper — портить свой избирательный бюллетень

to work on papers — работать с документами

- background papers
- ballot paper
- campus paper
- conference room paper
- ethnic paper
- forged paper
- forged voting papers
- Green Paper
- identity paper
- letterhead paper
- mass circulation paper
- notice paper
- null and void ballot paper
- paper leads on smth
- papers carry front-page stories about ...
- papers concentrate largely on smth
- papers give coverage to smth
- papers run accounts on smth
- parliamentary paper
- pink paper
- position paper
- pumpkin papers
- summary of the paper
- UN papers
- underground paper
- valid ballot paper
- voting paper
- voting papers left blank or null and void will not be reckoned
- voting papers left blank or null and void will not be taken into account
- White Paper on defence
- White Paper
- wide dissemination of the papers
- working paper
2. v
(over) заклеивать бумагой; перен. затушевывать

Politics english-russian dictionary. 2013.

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